Vital Importance of Provider Credentialing Services: The indispensability of effective provider credentialing services is paramount for optimizing practice performance. Insufficient enrollment can lead to payment delays or rejections from insurance carriers, irrespective of a physician's capacity to offer competent and medically essential services.

At OneLife RCM, we provide Physician credentialing solutions, aiding Providers in attaining improved revenues.

Our Services

Preliminary Agreement Application - Public Payers (Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare & VA)
(Incorporating letter of intent and subsequent contact)

Initial Agreement Acquisition - Corporate Payers - Covers enrollment for 1 practitioner.
(Encompasses letter of intention, disputes, subsequent interactions & fee schedule assessment / juxtaposition)

Initial Agreement Discussion (Voluntary)
(Should our attempts to secure an elevated fee from the initial proposal prove unsuccessful, no charges will be incurred for negotiation.)

Fresh Provider Registration or re-registration
(Incorporating extra providers into group agreements)

Services Included

Data Collection (Reaching out to all payers to ascertain participation status, effective dates, etc.)

Agreement Bargaining

Committed Account Manager

Corporate-grade credential monitoring solution (Smartsheet)

Practitioner Status Changes

Monitoring Healthcare Practitioner Licenses

Monitoring Provider DEA Numbers

Online Fund Transfer Enrollments