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It is important to maximize provider revenue and to make sure providers are paid what they are entitled to.

A properly implemented EV process

There should be a minimum of 90% payment on first pass claims

Streamline All Processes with in sync with timely manner.

The AR transparency

An managed denial management strategy

Healthcare Provider

We provide support to healthcare practitioners by streamlining their billing procedures and achieving outcomes within a span of 90 days. Our workforce comprises over 200 billing specialists stationed both domestically and internationally. They possess vast expertise in diverse areas of billing and coding for various medical specialties.

We evaluate your existing billing trends and furnish you with a complimentary billing audit report. Our assessment encompasses the scrutiny of overdue accounts receivable (AR) claims that have surpassed 120 days. We determine the viable collection potential for these claims and identify those that have exceeded the time frame for collection (TFL). Within a 90-day span, we aim to recover the maximum number of eligible claims, showcasing our effectiveness. Upon your contentment with the retrieval of outstanding AR, you can opt to entrust us with the processing of your new claims.

Medical Billing Company

We take pride in serving as a collaborative partner for medical billing enterprises seeking to offload their workload. Our association entails a shared resource approach that benefits both parties. With a track record dating back to 2012, we have been dedicatedly assisting medical billing firms. Through our efforts, we have substantially reduced their operational expenses while simultaneously enhancing their levels of customer satisfaction.

Recognizing the complexity involved in the decision to outsource your billing operations, we understand the intricacies that the medical billing industry demands. It necessitates a blend of proficiency, seasoned experience, unwavering confidentiality, and a trustworthy track record — attributes that OneLife RCM embodies and has been endorsed by our valued clientele. To facilitate your decision-making process, we extend an invitation to your company representative to arrange an appointment. This visit entails an opportunity to engage with our management team, gain insights into our operations, and gather feedback from our current clients. We encourage this step before reaching a final determination on outsourcing with us.


Healthcare Payer

We specialize in catering to Medicare Advantage, Commercial, and Medicaid managed care plans. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses retrospective chart reviews, HEDIS/ACO quality reporting, and data analytics. These offerings are strategically designed to empower both payers and providers in their pursuit of cost reduction and the enhancement of care quality. Through our tailored solutions, we enable our clients to optimize their operations while simultaneously elevating the standard of care they provide.

Our team of skilled documentation specialists undertakes a meticulous examination of medical charts. Subsequently, we deliver insightful presentations to providers, highlighting existing gaps in documentation and emphasizing pivotal diagnostic codes necessary for risk adjustment. Moreover, our proficient coding team conducts mock audits with precision, effectively identifying concerns such as instances of overcoding and undercoding. Our commitment to maintaining coding accuracy is reinforced by leveraging our clinical experts and rigorous quality control protocols. With OneLife as your ally, you can anticipate enhanced accuracy and compliance in revenue generation, all accomplished through our dedicated and capable team.


We will submit the HIPAA confidentiality agreements to our clients signed by all our staffs who work in client’s project.

We are ready to work on RDP and VPN if you prefer.

Our premise is under CCTV surveillance.

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