Patient Information Input

Inputting information shouldn't be a source of worry. Nevertheless, inaccuracies during data entry can result in financial losses. At OneLife RCM, we excel in handling Demographic and Charge entry services across numerous Specialties, spanning from General Practice to more intricate fields.

Our team of medical billing experts input the essential patient demographic information as furnished by the patients during their visit. In the case of existing patients, we authenticate this data, and if required, implement any necessary modifications to the patient records within the practice management system.

Charge Generation, Claim Review & Filing

Our Senior Billing Associates create the medical claims following billing regulations applicable to particular carriers. The claim subsequently undergoes several rounds of quality assessments before being submitted to the insurance provider. Our team of immensely skilled quality control experts ensures.

Transaction Recording

"OneLife RCM's payment posting solutions not only conserve precious time but also enhance data precision, expediting the seamless movement of funds into their designated accounts. Our offerings encompass provisions for the processing and logging of tangible Explanation of Benefits (EOB's) and digital Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA's). Furthermore, we manage the reconciliation of accounts and, where pertinent, handle the submission of secondary claims."

Explanation of Benefits documentation storage or digitization

Manual or Digital Payer Integration Entry

Rejection entry and handling


Excess Payment Procedure

Subsequent Claims procedure

OneLife RCM promptly addresses denials (including clinical, technical, and underpayment denials) right after the posting process is finalized.

Rejections are assessed, and suitable measures are implemented.

Accounts Receivable Claims Tracking

At OneLife RCM, we hold the viewpoint that this stands as one of the paramount domains to secure peak revenue recuperation. Our conduct with your patients upholds the utmost standard of professionalism.

Within our Account Receivable offerings, we provide:

Rejection Handling

Accounts Receivable assessment

Coverage tracking

Patient payment tracking

Our established cash flow and revenue control solutions will enhance operational cash flow by mitigating uncollectible debts and write-offs.

We mitigate potential revenue uncertainties for clients while concurrently enhancing customer interactions.

Denial Management

Within a conventional healthcare system, approximately 20% of denied claims are left unprocessed for resubmission. The intricate interplay of policies, billing prerequisites, regulatory stipulations, and the intricate web of managed care contracts collectively contribute to the tally of repudiations that remain unresolved. At OneLife RCM, our Denial Management solution empowers you to regain command over your denials, streamlining claims processing and expediting reimbursements with enhanced efficiency.